#1 Which homemade crafts sell the best? von grandbeatmalls 12.12.2020 18:35

I myself have asked that question, and I agree with Robert Hixson: food sells best. The people who bring baked goods always have a busy table. As for the rest of it…well…it depends on the day. I am a decorative artist and I used to try and sell things. It was around this time that dollar stores began to become popular. Even though all of my pieces were handpainted (no rub-ons or stickers) a lot of my stuff didn’t sell. I had some items that went really quick, but I ended up giving most of it away. If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “Oh, isn’t that cute!” I could’ve retired 15 years ago. I’ve never met anyone with a crystal ball that would tell you which types of items would sell at which show. It was a guess and a gamble, and unfortunately for me, China won. I’m including a link to a video that will let you in on trending crafts to sell in 2020. But let’s think about this a bit first. Trend chasing has a downsize. Colors that are “in” change several times a year. Do you really want to invest in making items where the demand is only temporary? Yes, you can gear up to produce homemade crafts that sell best for awhile. Then when that trend fades, you are stuck with unsold inventory and you have to retool for the next fad. Sounds like a lot of work to me. I prefer to make handmade items that sell all the time, year after year. The thing to remember is that “buying handmade” is a major consumer trend in itself. You just have to put your beautiful creations in the right handmade marketplace. If that’s online, you have to get your SEO right or customers can’t find you. If you are craft shows, you have to find shows that are well-attended.

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